Financial Policy

Financial Policy

Moore Dental is proud to offer same-day dentistry and a comprehensive menu of general, cosmetic, and restorative services. Whether you have major dental work planned or you need a tooth filled, we'll make every effort to provide you with the means to access our high-quality care, and one way we do this is by offering convenient financing options. To accomplish this, we work hand-in-hand with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures.

To ensure that we can provide optimum care to all of our patients, we are not contracted with any dental insurance companies. You will be responsible for the payment due at the time services are rendered, and your insurance company will mail you a check directly. We are happy to file your insurance for any procedures or treatment performed at our office. We work diligently with your insurance provider to process your dental claims in a timely manner and get you reimbursed the fullest amount of benefits your plan allows. Please see our FAQ's regarding insurance reimbursements.

We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, and checks. We are also happy to offer third-party financing options through Sunbit and CareCredit.

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Insurance FAQs:

Do you take my insurance? The short answer is yes, it’s very likely that we do. There are a few companies, such as Medicaid and Medicare, that will not pay when you see an out of network provider; however, all private insurance companies will reimburse for treatment with an out of network provider. As a courtesy, we file all your insurance claims, along with all necessary supporting documents. Every insurance company is different in how quickly they pay, how much they reimburse for each procedure, what benefits are covered, etc. We thoroughly investigate your policy and make every effort to let you know before your appointment what portion you can expect your insurance company to cover.

What is an "In-Network Provider?" An “In-Network Provider” or a “Preferred Provider” is a doctor who agrees to a lower fee schedule that the insurance company sets based on a percentage of the average prices for your zip code. They will typicallyn dictate the fees be roughly 30-40% less than the local average. Network providers cannot bill the patient for the difference between their customary fee, and the fee dictated by the insurance company. The doctor will benefit in that the insurance company pushes their subscribers to go to the “in-network” office. This is a very expensive form of marketing for a dental practice, and it has a negative ripple effect for the patients. To make up for the deficit, the practice must be intensely busy, which leads to difficulty scheduling much needed appointments in a timely manner, spending less time with each patient reducing doctor-patient communication, less time per procedure that can compromise the quality of the work performed, utilizing less expensive materials and laboratories, and hiring staff at lower salaries which compromises patient care with less experienced staff. In our office, patient care is our highest priority. We strive to provide our patients with the very best dentistry, done with cutting edge technology, and we make sure that every patient has ample time with the doctor to adequately address their health and wellness. As an “in-network” office, we could not sustain the level of care our patients deserve. You can still use your insurance benefits at our office, and your final out of pocket expense here versus an in-network office will likely be less than you might think.

How much is my insurance going to pay for this? Every insurance company is unique and even individual plans within each company can be drastically different. We thoroughly investigate your policy and make every effort to let you know before your appointment what you can expect your insurance company to cover. While we can never guarantee what an insurance company will or will not pay, we are typically very accurate in estimating what insurance will pay on the more common procedures, and we will work with you to make sure we come up with a mutually convenient payment option.

What is "Fee-For-Service" Dentistry? Quite simply, it is choosing Quality over Quantity. As described above, an In-Network or PPO office is bound to a much lower fee schedule for the purposes of marketing. By participating in the insurance network, the deficit in reimbursement has to be made up elsewhere. This is done by cutting costs everywhere possible, which compromises patient care. The other way offices attempt to make up for the lost revenue is by fee increases that only hurt patients who do not have any dental insurance. In our office, we will file your claim with the insurance company, along with any and all needed documentation to ensure it gets paid, and the insurance company will mail a check directly to your home. Since a “fee-for-service” office will not receive the check from the insurance company, payment for services rendered is due in full at the time of service. Once payment or a payment arrangement has been made, we will file the claim. We recognize that this is a little bit of an inconvenience for some patients, and we have a few options that make that up front payment a little easier.

It’s a struggle for me to pay the full fee up front. Are there any options that will bridge the gap between my payment now and the insurance reimbursement? Yes. Since it will often take 30 days for a claim to get paid, we offer two separate third-party finance companies that will allow you to pay over six months at 0% interest. This is an excellent option to bridge the gap between your appointment and you getting the insurance check. If that option isn’t a good option for you, our front office will work with you on a mutually convenient payment arrangement based on the cost of your treatment and the anticipated timeframe for completion of your treatment.

Why did my insurance not pay 100% like they advertised they would? Are your fees higher than average? It is important to remember that your insurance company’s primary responsibility is to make a profit for its stockholders. The more ways they can find to decrease the amount of reimbursement for your treatment, the more profits they make. They have ZERO concern for your oral health or the outcome of your treatment. They are not medical professionals with a personal relationship to you as a patient. They are a for-profit business that wants to collect as much as possible in premiums and spend as little as possible on benefits. Most insurance companies will take submitted fees and decrease them a percentage and call it an “accepted fee”, “considered amount”, or an “alternate benefit.” While many of the insurance plans we deal with every day will often pay 90-100% of our full fee for preventive and diagnostic services, there are several companies and plans that will pay less than 50% of our fee. This is because of the plan and not because of what is a usual and customary fee for the service provided. If you’re ever concerned that our office might be charging fees higher than average for our area, please use this link to look up the codes we’ve listed on your treatment plan. You will quickly see that our fees are in line with the averages in our area.

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